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About Us

At HOTO, we believe in working closely with our clients to provide them with products and services of unsurpassed quality.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Is Therefore Not An Act, But A Habit. – Aristotle

Established in January 1994, HOTO Stainless Steel Industries Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysia’s foremost manufacturing of stainless steel ornamental tubes. A name that stands for quality and excellence, HOTO is an abbreviation of Japanese word “Hosho Tokyuhin” which means “assurance of excellent quality”. This is a reflection of the Company’s commitment in producing quality stainless steel tubes that meet international standards and specifications. Currently, HOTO produces a full range of round, rectangular and square stainless steel ornamental tubes, pattern tubes, short bends exhaust pipes and tubes with punched holes for a variety of architectural, engineering or decorative applications. At HOTO, we believe in working closely with our clients to provide them with products and services of unsurpassed quality. It is this high level of commitment that has won the trust and loyalty of our customers at home and aboard. HOTO Stainless Steel Industries Sdn. Bhd., is a subsidiary of Uembuilders Berhad.



HOTO employs the use of the most advanced technology in our operations to ensure products of the highest quality and standards always.

Our tube forming and polishing machines are the latest, fully automated high speed plants combining the best Japanese, French and Taiwanese technologies.



Over the years, HOTO has built an eviable reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. The key to attaining this objective has always been our incorporation of a “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT” approach in all areas of operation.

Implemented through a comprehensive quality management system, it comes complete with standard – operating procedures that ensure every aspect of activities and services are carried out according to the highest standards.

As such, every individual contributes toward meeting quality standards in his or her area of work, supported by quality control personnel at all levels.



“We are commited to continually improving our Quality Management System and providing our customers with the highest standards of product quality and service at competitive prices.”