Stainless Steel Structural

There are many unique advantages of Laser Fusion beams over the conventional welding. The laser fusion weld seam is monolithic in structure with no filler material is added. The laser weld seam is a perfect high accuracy joint with no weld correction factor needed in applied loading force for calculation of engineering design.
Our laser Fusion weld beams are manufactured complying to ASTM A 1069. Each individual beam is 100% weld inspected from start to finish, ensuring full penetration and weld continuity for whole length of beam. The products are certified and approved by prestigious certification body such as GSI SLV ( German Welding Institute ), TUV ( German Technical Inspectorate) and DIBT ( German Building Authority ).
Laser Fusion is able to weld many types of complicated structure beam and with dissimilar type of wall thickness. It can weld with full penetration up to 30mm.
The Laser Fusion Weld, of late, is getting more and more popular in industrial application due to it superb weld quality, easily available and cheaper when comparing strength of material over thickness ratio. The industrials sectors commonly using these products are Petrochemical, Food and Beverages, architectural for Building, Bridge, Shipbuilding and Offshore Platform, Pharmaceutical Industries and etc.
There is no restriction for the minimum quantity purchase for any single size. However, you are encouraged to buy reasonable quantity for covering transportation cost incurred. For special profile or uncommon thickness, you may order according to the quantity you need.
For common products, normally we can make immediate delivery base on your requirement. However, for uncommon products, it is subject to stock availability. For booking of special profile or size, it may need 4 to 8 weeks for manufacturing and another 4 to 6 weeks shipment.

Ornamental & Hoto Plumbing system

In our daily life, we are all familiar with Stainless Steel products associate with pots, woks, knives, forks & spoons, auto trims and kangaroo bars. But what is Stainless Steel actually? Typically, stainless steel is an alloying iron containing at least 10.5% of chromium as its major alloying elements (Cr). The presence of chromium created an invisible oxide film, that makes it exhibits stainless “effect” and differentiate from carbon steel.
Chromium oxide is a thin and protective passive layer that allows the natural beauty of stainless steel to remain intact in many tested environment. It is also self-healing and forms readily in air instantly.
Corrosion Resistance 
Lower alloyed grades stainless steel, resist corrosion in many atmospheric and pure water environment, while higher alloyed grades resist in most severe corrosive environment such as in concentrated acids, alkaline solutions and seawater

Fire and Heat Resistance  
Retain its strength and resist to scaling at a much higher temperature when compared to carbon steel.

The ease of cleaning ability of stainless steel, make it the first choice of design material when strict hygienic quality standard is demanded such as, in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, and other Dairy, Foods and Beverages processing plants.

Great Appearance 
The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a contemporary, modern and attractive appearance.